Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CNN Student News - December 18, 2013

As technology executives meet with President Obama about various topics, cnn student news shares reaction to a ruling concerning the government's secret surveillance programs. We also examine a debate surrounding the effectiveness of antibacterial soap, and we report on World Cup preparations in Brazil. Plus, we hear from a mayor about careers in local politics.

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TRANSCRIPTClick here to access the transcript of today's CNN Student News program. Please note that there may be a delay between the time when the video is available and when the transcript is published.DAILY CURRICULUMClick here for a printable version of the Daily Curriculum (PDF).Media Literacy Question of the Day:

When reporting on government regulation of an industry, why is it important for the news media to include perspective from the industry itself? Where can you find an example of this in today's program?

Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today's show:

1. technology company

2. bacteria

3. workers' safety

Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today's program?

1. Why did President Obama meet with the heads of technology companies yesterday?

2. What is the FDA asking of manufacturers of antibacterial soaps? How has the soap industry responded?

3. What country is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Why has construction stopped on one 2014 World Cup stadium?

Discussion Questions:

1. What is your opinion of a judge's statement regarding a secret NSA program? What is your opinion of the program itself?

2. Why might the government regulate certain consumer products? What perspectives might manufacturers have on government regulation? What is your opinion of a recent FDA proposal regarding antibacterial soaps? What is your opinion of the industry's response?

3. In what ways might politics involve "people skills"? What is your opinion of the advice that Roswell Mayor Jere Wood has for people who want to enter politics? Would you want to enter politics? Why or why not? How might campaigning for a local political office be different than campaigning for a statewide or national office?

CNN Student News is created by a team of journalists and educators who consider the MAPSCommon Core State Standards, national standards in different subject areas, and state standards when producing the show and curriculum. We hope you use our free daily materials along with the program, and we welcome your feedback on them.FEEDBACK

Download PDF maps related to today's show:

North AmericaWashington, D.C.; La Jolla, California

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